Quirky Facts You Didn’t Know About Hawaii 

If there is one thing that is popularly known about Hawaii is this: it is a tropical paradise for anyone who wishes to experience both city and nature in one place, where culture is deeply embedded in everything they do and everything you see on the island. Whether you go there by private tours Oahu or you go backpacking, the island just provides a lot of things to do and sceneries it provides.  

The Hawaiian culture, like any other culture, has its own quirks and distinct characteristics. There are unspoken rules that do need words and interesting facts you would love to know about Hawaii and we will be sharing all these with you here. 

1. mailing coconuts – mailing coconut means you can send a coconut with an address engraved on it without box, without wrapping, just the pure, whole raw coconut. You can paint pictures on it and e-mail them from there. Just make sure it has been dried and unhusked. Some hotels sell coconuts that are already engraved with designs and are ready for mailing. The price depends on the weight. 

2. Surfing was invented here – surfing was first invented here hundreds of years ago. The sports are said to have started by the Waikiki boys some decades ago and adopted by the Maui surfers who introduce the sports to the rest of the world.  

3. They do not abide by not wearing white after Labor Day – Hawaii may be a state of the US but they do not follow the no-white after Labor Day. They do not dress seasonally. White purse, white shoes, and white shirt? Nothing is restricted. 

4. It is the only state that has two official languages. While most people think the United States of America are almost monolingual, Hawaii has two official languages which make them bilingual at the very least. The two official languages are Hawaiian with its different dialects and English, as the language of the federal state. Pidgin cannot be an official language although most Hawaiian use pidgin language.  

5. We do not a fancy handshake, we hug. While a handshake is a common greeting gesture all around the globe, Hawaiians greet with a hug. In fact, they hug as their hellos, I love yous, I am sorry, and goodbyes. This is why if you are a tourist that does not expose to this kind of gesture, you will need to feel more comfortable getting hugs from strangers who greet you. Of course, because of the pandemic, this has changed and physical contact is discouraged, if not restricted. But if the pandemic would end, Hawaiians will begin to hug again! 

6. Take shoes and slippers off when entering a house. It is a common courtesy also popular with the eastern culture: taking off shoes or shoeware when visiting any house. It is a sign of respect and not taking off shoes means otherwise. No matter how expensive your shoes are, you will need to take them off.  

7. The islands have their own official flower and color – different places have their own official color of flowers. For instance, pink is the official flower color of Maui.